All that Jazz!
Specifically dedicated to medium locations, Jazz is aesthetically pleasing, with an uncluttered design and a flexible configuration.

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The large, LED lit window; the stylish, durable user interface and the capacitive numeric keyboard combine seamlessly with advanced electronics. Jazz available in Snack and Can&Bottle configuration and Snack and Food configuration.

  • Alone or banked with Opera, Jazz is the ideal machine for today’s demanding vending marketplace.
  • Flexible configuration and advanced dispensing technologies
  • Impressive capacity in a limited space and excellent price/ performance ratio.
  • The machine spiral layout is flexible and customizable layout to offer snack, cans and bottles and tetrapack

Design & user interface

  • Uncluttered silver/black design with a LED lit window.
  • Capacitive numeric keyboard for product selection.
  • Anti vandalism coin introduction.
  • Ergonomic delivery bin

Electronics & Maintenance

  • Advanced implementation of MDB protocol.
  • Automatic setup and statistics retrieval though Giga software.
  • Blue alphanumeric display with 20 characters on 4 lines.



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